• Dr. Ali is professional, considerate, and passionate about dentistry. I am incredibly thankful that I can trust him with my wisdom teeth extractions, even with my mortal fear of needles. His work was quick, near painless, and experienced. Definitely recommending him to all of my friends in need of extractions.
    Karmen M.
  • The Red Wall is your passion. You are not a cold, analytical practitioner; you are steeped in a family history of dentistry that employed empathy concern and humour as the underpinning of solid skills. Glory in, and advance, your contribution to humanizing your field.

    One of your many fans.
  • Professional and efficient staff! Patient-Cantered and caring lead dentist which made me et ease at first impression. Exactly what I needed for going nervously for my dental appointment. The office itself is so homey. I also found my all time favourite book, Human’s of New York among lots of other great books while waiting in this office.
    Tala T.
  • Dr. Tavakoli is a true professional. Four cavities, no pain. Excellent hands! Would recommend this office to anyone that wants an honest and excellent general dentist!
    Mariela G.
  • I had to go to Toronto 2 weeks ago for a work trip and while I was there , I started feeling severe pain in one of my back teeth.
    I don't know any place in Toronto and it was my first visit there. My friend however who lives there knows all the good places and she recommended me "123 Dental" as she has been the doctor's patient for a few years now. Luckily she contacted Dr. Tavakoli and got me an urgent appointment for the morning after. As my hotel was located in downtown, going to the office was very convenient and even better than that, Dr. Tavakoli was so nice and I'm very impressed by his work. I highly recommend him.
    What was important for me was that while he was very friendly and sociable, he kept very focused when he was working on me and that really gained my trust.
    Sandra W.
  • I travel a lot and recently was in Toronto. I had an issue with my tooth for a long time which I had been ignoring and it started becoming so painful that I had to finally get it addressed. I contacted Dr. Tavakoli's office and was greeted by a kind staff member. They were quick to bring me in and I had it fixed in two visits. The office was newly renovated and was quite a lovely place. The staff and the Doctor were very nice and ease to communicate with. Their prices were much more reasonable than those Dentist's in LA that I had seen in the past. I would not hesitate to go back to Dr. Tavakoli. Dr. Tavakoli is certified to practice in two countries and was trained twice in two separate countries which only made me feel all that much better to be in his caring and competent hands.
    Steven R.
  • I highly recommend this place. Very reasonable price, very professional Doctors and very friendly, and helpful staff. It's so hard these day to find a place that has everything you want, but more importantly a doctor that you can connect and feel comfortable with.
    Behnaz M.
  • My dad needed to see a dentist, and my friend recommended 123 Dental. My dad is super happy with this place and already book his next appointment. He said the office was very professional and the staffs very friendly. Dr. Tavakoli is the best dentist he's ever had.
    Goloria S.
  • Dr. Ali is a well behaved and fantastic doctor. I wish him all the best.
    Shahin C.
  • I enjoyed my visit very much and will definitely recommend it to my friends.
  • Great quality, very professional, like always. Thanks.
  • This place is amazing, warm environment, friendly staff and professional dentist. Must visit.